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Paris La Défense

Paris La Défense was created by the law of 27 February 2007 to meet the needs of Europe’s leading business district, La Défense.

This public institution, the Établissement Public de Gestion du Quartier d’Affaires de La Défense, is responsible for managing, promoting and energizing the public areas conferred to it by the law.

The stated objectives of this public institution are to improve service offerings in La Défense, strengthen the district’s appeal and influence, and make it safer, more vibrant and increasingly lively.

To meet these expectations, broad outlines will guide the action of Paris La Défense in the upcoming years:

  • Showcase and maintain the area’s heritage in an exemplary manner
  • Ensure the renewal of public areas by introducing an innovative project
  • Provide a level of security and safety in line with the site’s importance
  • Offer a high degree of services to employees and residents
  • Institute entertainment and neighborhood promotion
  • Coordinate construction sites
  • Focus it action on users, fostering continuous dialogue and exchanges

Paris La Défense aims to make La Défense an even more attractive, more user-friendly and more convenient neighborhood that offers its users an ever-expanding range of services.


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