Service Grant Japan


Service Grant Japan is the leading organization of Japan’s pro bono movement, from initially introducing the pro bono concept in Japanese society, to conducting more than 720 successful pro bono projects with 4,500 pro bono workers. SGJ is making various challenges for innovative pro bono models such as “Home Town Pro Bono” which supports local neighborhood organizations, “Furusato Pro Bono” which supports local community in remote areas far away from large cities, “Mamabono” which empowers women who are taking child-rearing leave or off the job and wishing to come back to work. Also SGJ has provided 7 domestic intermediary organizations in Japan with training and operational support on pro bono by lending their expertise to help build a local pro bono movement. SGJ celebrated the 10th anniversary in 2015, and is ready to make pro-bono even more developed. Online Pharmacy, buy sildalis,Free shipping, buy cialis black 800mg, Discount 10%

Founded in 2005

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