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Marketplace for good business

On September 18, 2019, eighteen non-profit organisations and fourteen companies took part in the first “Marketplace of Good Business” in a castle near Cologne, Germany. Within a one-hour “Speeddating”, a total of 35 engagement agreements worth around 56,000 Euros were concluded.

The “Marketplace of Good Business” brings together companies and non-profit organisations for one hour and enables the initiation of cooperations. This kind of “Speeddating” format is used to exchange information between the two parties and to weigh up a possible partnerships. A “notary” approves and signs the agreement. All agreements are accompanied and reported on various media channels such as newsletters, blogs and social media.

Instead of money (EUROs), there are four possible exchange currencies:

An IT company helps a citizens’ initiative to design the website.
  Labour & Time
A company bakes waffles at the summer party of a non-profit organization.
  Work equipment
 An industrial company provides rooms for the storage of clothing donations.
 A company invites an organization to the next business forum.


One of the agreements was the “Relaunch of a local NPO Website”

“An exciting project, a great, committed team, which I am happy to support”, admits Birgitte.


With the @marktplatz_rbk Ms Birgitte Tuepker, from textpluswebdesign,  offered Heiko Reinhold, team leader at the NPO Progymnasium Bensberg e.V., her assistance with the providing of the new Website. Today they met for a first brainstorming session. The wish of the Progymnasium is to offer their course program on the website. Registration via the website should also be possible.


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textpluswebdesign | Birgitte Tuepker

Tanja Siebert
October 21, 2019
Progymnasium Bensberg e.V., Schloßstraße, Bergisch Gladbach, Deutschland

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