Skill Marathon

By iVolunteer

“ProBono Week”- Mumbai has planned for completing the circle of Skill Marathon by engaging 10-20 volunteers in skill based projects with Anandi and Access life.

Access Life Assistance Foundation provides a loving and temporary home for the parent or care taker and the child undergoing the treatment for cancer. Their mission is to offer a home-like environment for these families and they also try to improve the quality of life of these children by providing practical support services, educational resources and recreational programs.

“ANANDI” is an organisation whose mission is to rehabilitate the Mentally challenged and Autistic children. The organization consists of efficient staff and is Equipped with ten computers and the necessary Equipments for basic Physiotherapy. Their utmost need of skilled volunteers who can contribute little time to help them create a strong support system for the much ignored children with multiple disability

All the needs are related to marketing and communication.

October 26, 2017
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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