SK Probono 'Level-Up Day' in Probono week

By The Happiness Foundation


SK Group and SK Happiness Foundation run SK Sunny who volunteer their talents to solve social issues and SK pro bonos consisted of SK Group members. Both organizations are making a new attempt to create an innovative pro bono model through cooperation between professional SK pro bonos and SK Sunny members with passionate energy.


Targeting SK pro bono, “Level-Up Day” is the program helping networking between pro bonos while training necessary skills including consulting. Thus, this event will become an important momentum for SK Sunny to enter the society and become pro bono while giving useful training to SK pro bonos. The overview of “Level Up Day” is as follows. To celebrate Pro Bono Week, a short video clip containing major contents from “Level-Up Day” and interviews from the participants will be made.


Session 1: Understanding on Social Enterprise: Lecture on inquiries that pro bonos have had including social economy, types of organization, and supporting policy

Session 2: Practice of Consulting Activity: Opportunity to learn pro bono consulting cases through an interesting role-play

Session 3: Networking Party and Pro Bono Week Ceremony: Exciting chicken and beer party celebrating Pro Bono Week




October 26, 2016
Seoul, South Korea

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