Pro Bono 1-Day Challenge in Osaka

By Service Grant Japan

For the fourth year in a raw, Service Grant is hosting “Pro Bono 1-Day Challenge” in Osaka, as a part of the commissioned project called “Osaka Eemachi Project” with the prefectural Government of Osaka. This project is built to support not-for-profit organizations which are engaged to improve local health care services for the elderly in Osaka.

This year, 25 Pro Bono Workers have been assigned to support 6 not-for-profit organizations. Each team is consist of 4-5 members with different background and business skills.

This program is designed mostly for a beginner of Pro Bono. Actual Pro Bono activity is supposed to be completed only in 1 day, with 1 month of preparation period.

For more detail, please contact us for info@servicegrant.or.jp

Thank you,

October 28, 2017
Osaka Prefecture, Japan

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