PRESS Reset for pro bono programs fit for the 2020s

By Emerging World

Read the first of a new blog series featuring leading corporate practitioners on what makes a pro bono program fit for the 2020s. Emerging World highlights five Principles that ensure that programs will meet all stakeholders’ expectations:

PRESS reset for a CV20² Programme that is:

  • Partner focused with opportunities that are designed to meet partners’ real needs. When programmes are designed to meet real partner needs, we see strong results from employees in terms of breadth and depth of learning, employee engagement, business impact, responsible leadership and connection to corporate and personal Purpose
  • Reciprocal in terms of learning – where employees and partners learn from each other so that the volunteering is authentic, balanced and that any outcomes and impact are sustained
  • Engaging employees by building culture, morale, motivation, pride and productivity. Recent research shows that 81% of employees were inspired to contribute more to their roles after they return from volunteering
  • Skills-based and leverages the talents and skills of employees. The recently published CISL Impact Benchmark Study shows that when participants feel that their partners have a real need for their skills and expertise, they are more likely to report developments across a range of 12 leadership competencies and behaviours identified as important for successful global leadership. And
  • Strategically embedded, helping to achieve business objectives and aligned with corporate Purpose. Our Study showed that 73% of employees reported increased alignment with their company’s objectives and priorities and 80% agreed that participation improved their understanding of the corporate Purpose.


October 25, 2019
London, UK

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