Mamabono 2018 TOKYO

By Service Grant Japan

“Mamabono” is pro bono program for mothers to join during their maternity leave or off the job. They support NPOs and citizen groups on 2-months projects.

10 projects are held in Tokyo with 71 participants, and 4 projects with 24 participants in Osaka. In addition, 6 participated in the “Mama-team” on “Pro Bono 1 DAY Challenge” in Tokyo, and 1 team is held in Aomori with 5 participants.
In total, 106 mothers joined Mamabono projects in 2018.

On Oct 3rd, Tokyo Mamabono projects had their first meeting all together. Most of the participants hold their babies in their arms even during the discussions.

Mamabono participants enjoy the projects to utilize their business skills, networking with other working mothers, and contributing to society, and prepare to return to work after their maternity leaves.

Service Grant Japan started it in 2013.
It brings the total participants to 329 and their babies.

mamabono web site: http://mamabono.org/  (Japanese)
mamabono facebook: https://www.facebook.com/servicegrant.mamabono  (Japanese)

(Mamabono 2018 orientation in Tokyo held on Oct 3rd.)

October 17, 2018
akasaka 2-14-32, minato, tokyo

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